AMP Toolkit

The LLIN scale-up toolkit provides a foundation for planning and executing a mass LLIN distribution campaign and is an integral part of AMP’s direct support to countries implementing LLIN scale up strategies.

In September 2008, AMP published a toolkit for developing integrated campaigns to encourage the distribution and use of long lasting Insecticide-treated nets. The 2008 version of the AMP toolkit focuses on planning and implementation of LLIN distribution integrated with other health interventions and targeted to children under five years of age.

In early 2012, a second edition of the toolkit, focusing on mass distribution campaigns, was published as a step-by-step guide for LLIN universal coverage campaigns. It provides examples and builds on lessons learned from universal coverage distributions, aimed at the entire population at risk for malaria. The tools are available in both English and French and can be downloaded from the links below.

In 2015/2016, AMP will update existing chapter of toolkit 2.0 by publishing individual updates and briefs to provide a step-by-step guide for the planning and implementation of mass LLIN distributions. Individual briefs are posted against each toolkit chapter in the AMP Toolkit section below.

icon-pdf AMP Toolkit 2.0 (English) (8 MB)

icon-pdf AMP Toolkit 2.0 (French) (8 MB)

icon-zip AMP Toolkit supporting documents (80 MB)

icon-pdf Chapter 1 – Intro

icon-pdf Chapter 2 – Coordination

icon-pdf Chapter 3 – Planning

icon-pdf Chapter 4 – Procurementupdated version 2017

icon-pdf Chapter 5 – Logisticsupdated version 2017

icon-pdf Chapter 6 – Communication

icon-pdf Chapter 7 – Implementation

icon-pdf Chapter 8 – Monitoring and Evaluation

icon-pdf Chapter 9 – Campaign reporting

icon-pdf Chapter 10 – Sustaining gains

icon-pdf Chapter 11 – Resources