AMP Training

In the last years, over 30 countries have participated in AMP-organized workshops aimed at strengthening the skills of NMCP and partner organization staff in planning, logistics, behaviour change communication and monitoring and evaluation, with a focus on net campaigns. The LLIN trainings provide a foundation for planning and executing a mass LLIN distribution campaign.

AMP Technical Assistance provider refresher training, Geneva, January 2018

This training workshop was funded by The VectorWorks Project and was targeted at TA providers supporting LLIN campaign and continuous distribution. The training enabled the roster of AMP consultants to share lessons learned across countries; the group also selected the best tools, templates, and AMP recommendations for countries to be included in updates to the AMP toolkit and Continuous Distribution toolkit. The training covered a refresher on the critical pieces of mass campaign planning: logistics, communication, micro- and macro-planning, implementation, and evaluation. It also formally introduced continuous distribution, specifically, the continuous distribution options of school- and community-based distribution, but also the private sector and retail sales.

AMP Regional Workshops, November 2018

VectorWorks and AMP are working together to conduct regional trainings for countries that have mass LLIN campaigns taking place in 2019 and 2020, as well as ongoing continuous or routine distributions to ensure better practices are shared. Topics to be covered include quantification, procurement, logistics, continuous distribution, household registration, microplanning, communication, budgeting, M&E, data management, leadership and management and country scenarios. The trainings will be designed as a training-of-trainers to ensure the knowledge of the training is brought back and implemented in the respective countries.

The trainings will highlight successful country experiences and package them for replication, to ensure the lessons are used for future campaigns. The revised AMP Toolkit and the Continuous Distribution Toolkit will be used as guides to the content in the technical sessions. Using the toolkits as a road map for the trainings will not only provide structure to the technical sessions but also help orient the NMCP and implementing partners on the content and resources available. The long-term goal of the training is to build strong networks across countries that will nurture an ongoing exchange that does not rely on outside technical assistance.