Country Support

AMP partners assist and advocate for support to countries in the planning and implementation of LLIN distribution campaigns (mass and continuous). Universal coverage campaigns aim to deliver LLINs to all households in malaria-risk areas, in the effort to make sure everyone at risk of malaria is protected by a net. Based on requests from National Malaria Control Programs and country partners, AMP provides technical assistance through distance support or in-county missions.

In 2014, AMP was able to support a total of 20 countries through 43 in-country missions and distance support. Based on the Cochrane Review that states that for every 1000 children sleeping under an ITN, 5.5 lives will be saved each year at 70% net usage, AMP has contributed to 1,353,726 lives saved over a 3 year LLIN lifespan.

Should you wish to receive additional information on technical assistance missions conducted by AMP or terms of reference from these missions, please email