What is AMP?


Based on requests from National Malaria Control Programmes (NMCP), AMP provides globally-recognized expert technical assistance through distance and in-country missions to help countries successfully plan and execute complex distribution campaigns. Since 2004, AMP has supported 36 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. In addition, countries have participated in AMP-organized workshops aimed at strengthening and sharing the skills of NMCP and partner organization staff in ITN campaign planning, logistics, behaviour change communication and monitoring and evaluation. In 2014 alone, AMP supported 16 countries through 38 in-country missions and distance support, which contributed to ensuring that over 53 million nets were successfully distributed to the targeted recipients.

AMP publishes a comprehensive manual and toolkit focused on universal coverage ITN campaigns targeting all individuals at risk of malaria. The toolkit, which is periodically revised to ensure that the most up-to-date resources are available to countries implementing mass distribution campaigns, includes chapters on campaign coordination, planning, procurement, logistics, communication, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, campaign reporting and sustaining gains achieved through continuous distribution. The toolkit and its associated resources are available for download from here.

Scaling up efforts to prevent malaria, including achieving universal coverage and use of ITNs, will speed countries towards their malaria control targets and save the lives of millions of children and adults in malaria-endemic countries. The work of the AMP partnership is helping to make this possible.


The Alliance for Malaria Prevention was established in 2004. The partnership meets weekly on a country-focused conference call to discuss progress and challenges in achieving targets in ITN campaign countries. AMP also organizes an annual two-day partners’ meeting in February each year.

Six working groups support the implementation of the AMP annual work plan:

  • Country Support
  • Emerging Issues
  • Monitoring, Operational Research and Evaluation
  • Net Mapping Project
  • Toolkit and Training
  • Resource Mobilization


The work of the AMP partnership is currently funded by contributions from the following partners:

  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • John Hopkins Center for Communication Programs
  • United Nations Foundation
  • USAID – President’s Malaria Initiative


The weekly AMP conference call is each Wednesday at 10.00 a.m. Eastern time. To join please use the following numbers:

Dial in numbers:
USA toll-free: 888-808-6929
International dial in number: +1-213-787-0529
Access code: 3904916

To contact AMP or join an AMP working group please email: