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The AMP partnership works to ensure that best practices and new ideas being used or tried by NMCPs and partners are collected and shared to ensure that high quality distributions continue to take place. Part of the sharing of knowledge happens through face-to-face meetings, such as AMP trainings and technical assistance missions, while another part is based on guidance and documentation for planning and implementing mass ITN distribution campaigns.

The AMP partnership has produced two toolkits: a first edition (2008) focused on the planning and implementation of integrated campaigns, primarily with vaccination, to encourage the distribution and use of insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) by children under five years of age and a second edition (2012) that supports the planning and implementation of mass ITN distribution campaigns to achieve universal coverage for the entire population at risk of malaria in a country or targeted area.

The 2012 edition of the AMP toolkit contains 10 chapters, including information on coordination, planning and budgeting, procurement, logistics, communication, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, reporting results and sustaining gains through continuous distribution.

Since 2012, new innovations have been tried, new challenges have been identified, new evidence for different ITN distribution channels has been published. For this reason, some of the AMP toolkit chapters have been, or are currently being, updated. In addition, detailed guidance briefs have been produced (for example, for micro planning) to provide additional information to what is in the 2012 toolkit. In 2017 – 2018, the following areas have been or are being updated: (1) Chapter 4 – Procurement; (2) Chapter 5 – Logistics (see briefs); (3) Chapter 6; (4) Chapter 8. In addition, detailed briefs have been produced for Microplanning, Rapid Monitoring of Household Registration and Training for Implementation. An additional document that has been produced in the Operational Guidance for ITN Distribution in Complex Operating Environments, which provides supplementary information to the toolkit that should be considered for distributions in insecure or fluid contexts.

The resources from the 2012 toolkit are available on the AMP website and new resources will be collected in the coming months to accompany the updated toolkit sections and briefs. NMCPs and implementing partners are encouraged to send examples of best practices to the AMP email address at

icon-pdf AMP Toolkit 2.0 (English) (8 MB)

icon-pdf AMP Toolkit 2.0 (French) (8 MB)

icon-zip AMP Toolkit supporting documents (35 MB)

icon-pdf Chapter 1 – Intro

icon-pdf Chapter 2 – Coordination

icon-pdf Chapter 3 – Planning

icon-pdf Chapter 4 – Procurementupdated version 2017

icon-pdf Chapter 5 – Logisticsupdated version 2017

icon-pdf Chapter 6 – Communicationupdated version 2019

icon-pdf Chapter 7 – Implementation

icon-pdf Chapter 8 – Monitoring and Evaluation

icon-pdf Chapter 9 – Campaign reporting

icon-pdf Chapter 10 – Sustaining gains

icon-pdf Chapter 11 – Resources

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