Cote d'Ivoire

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Campaign yearITN distribution yearITN distribution date (current plan)Campaign rollout strategyCurrent campaign planning phaseCampaign status based on currently planned datesReason for status if At Risk/Off TrackGeographic scope (State/Region/Province)Geographic scope (district)Target populationTotal ITNs neededNet typeITN Funding partnerCampaign digital data collectionScale of digital data collectionLast updated
2021MayNationalComplete Not applicableNationalNational27,614,52519,313,573Multi productMultipleYesPilot deployment12-Aug-2021
 Not applicable84/113 districts; Alpha cyperméthrine in 11 districts and Deltaméthrine in 73 districts153,856Standard LLINGovernment
 Not applicable12,921,017Standard LLINGlobal Fund
 Not applicable11/113 districts281,553PBO ITNGlobal Fund
 Not applicable2,815,534PBO ITNPMI
 Not applicable18/113 districts3,141,613Dual AI ITNGlobal Fund

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