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Campaign yearITN distribution yearITN distribution date (current plan)Campaign rollout strategyCurrent campaign planning phaseCampaign status based on currently planned datesReason for status if At Risk/Off TrackGeographic scope (State/Region/Province)Geographic scope (district)Target populationTotal ITNs neededNet typeITN Funding partnerCampaign digital data collectionScale of digital data collectionLast updated
20222022NationalMacroplanning Not applicableSub nationalSub-national14,129,1869,419,350MultiplePlannedFull deployment8-Nov-2021
20222022 LabeKoubia134 20789,450AMF
20222022 LabeLabe427 462284,950AMF
20222022 LabeLelouma219 115146,100AMF
20222022 LabeMali386 847257,900AMF
20222022 LabeTougue167 186111,450AMF
20222022 KindiaCoyah354 401236,250Global Fund
20222022 KindiaDubreka443 835295,900Global Fund
20222022 KindiaForecariah326 497217,650Global Fund
20222022 KindiaKindia590 480393,650Global Fund
20222022 KindiaTelemele382 454254,950Global Fund
20222022 BokeBoffa285 799190,550AMF
20222022 BokeBoke605 022403,350AMF
20222022 BokeFria130 04086,700AMF
20222022 BokeGaoual260 411173,600AMF
20222022 BokeKoundara174 710116,450AMF
20222022 ConakryDixinn182 628121,750Global Fund
20222022 ConakryKaloum84 02056,000Global Fund
20222022 ConakryMatam192 711128,450Global Fund
20222022 ConakryMatoto895 803597,200AMF
20222022 ConakryRatoma877 640585,100AMF
20222022 FaranahDabola243 661162,450Global Fund
20222022 FaranahDinguiraye264 198176,150Global Fund
20222022 FaranahFaranah376 860251,250Global Fund
20222022 FaranahKissidougou381 047254,050Global Fund
20222022 KankanKankan634 353422,900Global Fund
20222022 KankanKerouane279 187186,100Global Fund
20222022 KankanKouroussa361 061240,700Global Fund
20222022 KankanMandiana451 921301,300Global Fund
20222022 KankanSiguiri911 459607,650Global Fund
20222022 MamouDalaba179 718119,800Global Fund
20222022 MamouMamou428 862285,900Global Fund
20222022 MamouPita373 895249,250Global Fund
20222022 NzerekoreBeyla438 661292,450Global Fund
20222022 NzerekoreGueckedou390 683260,450Global Fund
20222022 NzerekoreLola230 790153,850Global Fund
20222022 NzerekoreMacenta374 554249,700Global Fund
20222022 NzerekoreNzerekore533 255355,500Global Fund
20222022 NzerekoreYomou153 752102,500Global Fund

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