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Campaign yearITN distribution yearITN distribution date (current plan)Campaign rollout strategyCurrent campaign planning phaseCampaign status based on currently planned datesReason for status if At Risk/Off TrackGeographic scope (State/Region/Province)Geographic scope (district)Target populationTotal ITNs neededNet typeITN Funding partnerCampaign digital data collectionScale of digital data collectionLast updated
2021Sub-national phasedImplementation COVID-19 related delaySub-nationalSub-national15,707,752Multi productMultipleNo8-Nov-2021
2021Jan 2021Complete NyanzaHoma Bay County1,291,985789,547Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Feb 2021 NyanzaKisumu County1,298,841793,737Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Jan 2021 NyanzaMigori County1,229,484751,352Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Feb 2021 NyanzaSiaya County1,129,123690,020Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Jan 2021Complete IrrigationBaringo (Koibatek, Marigat & Mogotio)463,561283,288Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Dec 2020 IrrigationKirinyaga (Mwea East & West)255,377156,064Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Jan 2021 IrrigationMarsabit (Sololo)139,13885,029Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Jan 2021 IrrigationTurkana (Loima)160,76698,246Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021May 2021 Late ITN deliveryUpper RiftTrans-Nzoia County1,097,559670,731Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021June 2021 Late ITN deliveryUpper RiftTaita Taveta County381,583233,190Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021May 2021 Late ITN deliveryUpper RiftWest Pokot County687,269419,998Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Feb 2021 Late ITN deliveryUpper RiftVihiga County743,478454,348Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021May 2021 Late ITN deliveryUpper RiftNandi County1,009,361616,832Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021May 2021 Late ITN deliveryUpper RiftUasin Gishu County1,198,662732,516Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Mar 2021 Late ITN deliveryWestern TwoKakamega County2,226,1371,360,418PBO ITNPMI
2021Mar 2021 Not applicableWestern TwoBungoma County1,843,3001,126,462PBO ITNPMI
2021Mar 2021 Not applicableWestern TwoBusia County997,272609,444PBO ITNPMI
2021May 2021 Late ITN deliveryLower RiftBomet County970,784593,257Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021May 2021 Late ITN deliveryLower RiftKericho County1,016,565621,235Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021May 2021 Late ITN deliveryLower RiftKisii County1,544,657943,958Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021June 2021 Late ITN deliveryLower RiftNarok County1,140,674697,079Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021June 2021 Late ITN deliveryLower RiftNyamira County801,964490,090Standard LLINGlobal Fund
2021Mar 2021Complete Not applicableCoastKilifi County1,487,620909,102Standard LLIN
2021Mar 2021 CoastKwale County871,242532,426Standard LLIN
2021Mar 2021 CoastLamu County136,10983,178Standard LLIN
2021Mar 2021 CoastMombasa County1,259,242769,537Standard LLIN
2021Mar 2021 CoastTana River County321,820196,668Standard LLIN
2023 16,156,656

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