Digital tools are increasingly being used by national malaria programmes and their partners to solve campaign bottlenecks, in particular those related to collection, compilation and analysis of data in a timely manner during household registration and ITN distribution activities. Digital tools can have many different uses during all campaign phases, from macroplanning through to reporting. The use of digital tools shows great promise for increasing the efficiency of ITN campaign and continuous distribution and improving ITN accountability.

Digital Tools for Mass ITN Campaigns (PPT)
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The use of digital tools to improve operational efficiency
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Annex feature table: The use of digital tools
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Digitalization for a mass campaign – the Togo experience.
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Survey on digital tools for an insecticide-treated net (ITN) mass campaign (January 2021): Analysis and report
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Tanzania Vector Control Activity (TVCA) Mobile Phone Survey to Monitor RBM-MERG Bed Net Indicators, Tropical Health

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