Monitoring, Operational Research and Evaluation (MORE)

Working Group Chairs


The MORE working group provides support to AMP in activities related to improving the effectiveness of ITN campaigns and scale-up distribution.

Terms of Reference

The MORE working group will focus on:

  1. Providing technical assistance to countries requesting support with their M&E plans and post-campaign surveys and evaluations.
  2. Identifying and responding to issues related to measuring the population coverage and use of ITNs.
  3. Sharing resources related to monitoring and evaluation of ITN-based interventions.

The MORE working group plans to develop products to support the AMP partnership, including:

  1. Guidance on assessing the quality of household registration for mass ITN distribution campaigns.
  2. Guidance on assessing the quality of distribution of ITNs through routine channels.
  3. A standard set of data elements and indicators recommended for use in monitoring and reporting on mass ITN distribution campaigns.
  4. Updates to AMP guidance as needed.

The working group invites all interested participants to join the discussion by contacting the chairs, listed above. Meetings will be scheduled by the chairs or the relevant topic leads during the annual work planning. Work plans will be reviewed annually. The MORE working group TOR, work plans, meeting notes, and products will be posted on the AMP website.

Monitoring and Evaluation-related Documents and Resources

Training, Webinars, and Tools