Emerging Issues

a>Working group chairs:

On behalf of AMP, the Emerging Issues Working Group (EIWG) provides support to AMP by identifying and addressing emergent issues related to scaling up ITN ownership and use before, during, and after mass distribution campaigns

The EIWG focuses on:

  1. Identifying critical issues to monitor, address and advise on behalf of the AMP partnership
  2. Serving as a catalyst on critical issues by raising them to the attention of the AMP general body as well as other relevant bodies, such as the VCWG, GMP, and NMCPs
  3. Disseminating resources on identified emerging issues to the AMP partnership as they become available.

The working group invites all interested participants to join the discussion by contacting the chairs, listed above.

Relevant documentation including AMP statements and EIWG conference call and meeting minutes are accessible here:

Terms of Reference

PDF Emerging Issues Working Group – Terms of Reference

AMP statements

PDF 1. AMP statement on M and E Best PracticesThe objective of this statement is to support achieving optimal results through mass campaign distributions by highlighting key monitoring and evaluating (M and E) best practices for partners to endorse and implement. The following recommended best practices reflect the cumulative experiences of the members of the AMP.

Accounting for LLINs recommendation_final AMP letterhead 3. AMP-Allan et al 2012-Response to donor concerns on LLIN durability

PDF 4. An Observational Study of Material Durability – Allen

PDF 5. Review of Urban LLIN DistributionsReview of LLIN distributions in urban settings: the review included 10 country experiences in distributing LLINs in urban areas and found that distributions in these urban settings tended to follow national guidelines, usually developed for the rural areas. The review found that there are specific adaptations necessary to account for in urban settings including population density, mobility, varied household composition, heightened security needs and traffic congestion. A list of recommendations is included at the end of the report that highlights recommendations for each stage of the distribution. The executive summary and recommendations table is also available in French.