AMP Core Group

Partners chairing individual AMP working groups and agencies funding AMP activities come together twice a year to discuss and plan AMP activities.

AMP Core Group (as of February 25th, 2020):


CDC/PMI Anna Bowen
CRS Suzanne Van Hulle
Directorate of Malaria Control. Ministry of National Health Services, Pakistan Muhammad Mukhtar
Independent participant Godwin Aidenagbon
Independent participant David Gittelman
Independent participant Joe Lewinski joseph.p.lewinski
International Public Health Advisors Jessica Rockwood
IFRC Marcy Erskine
IFRC Jason Peat
Global Fund Susie Nasr
Milliner Global Associates John Milliner
PanTheryx, Inc. Mark Grabowsky
Results in Health Cedric Mingat
Rotarians Action Group on Malaria Drake Zimmerman
UN Foundation Dana McLaughlin
USAID/PMI Lilia Gerberg
WHO-GMP Jan Kolaczinski
World Vision Gagik Karapetyan