Net Mapping Project

Working group chair:

The Net Mapping Project surveys every LLIN manufacturer each quarter and quantifies the number of nets that have been delivered to each country on a worldwide basis. The project maintains a database of net deliveries by country from 2004 to the present and provides a solid reference point for further calculations on progress toward universal coverage, deterioration, and the need for new nets. The data have been referenced in several publications (e.g. WHO World Malaria Report and UNICEF) and provides an accurate reference to the number of nets currently in each country.

The 2016 report is available to download:

Net Mapping Project – 2016

New Mapping Program – The project now includes a series of maps (both global and individual countries) that detail deliveries and in-country distribution. The in-country distribution data is currently PRELIMINARY and has not been corroborated with local NMCPs.