The Alliance for Malaria Prevention (AMP) hosts a two-day campaign digitalization meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together partners involved in digitalization for delivery of different health services through campaigns to exchange knowledge, experiences, challenges, and best practices in the use of digital tools and digital data for improving health campaigns and optimizing efficiency.

The focus is on cross-program learning, incorporating aspects such as malaria campaign digitalization, and examples from neglected tropical diseases (NTD) and immunization, and provides an opportunity to learn more about product solutions to address common problems across health campaign interventions. The meeting is organized with inputs from AMP partners including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Catholic Relief Services (CRS), the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), GAVI, the Malaria Consortium and WHO.

Recaps from Campaign Digitalization meetings

The 2024 Campaign Digitalization Meeting of the Alliance for Malaria Prevention took place on February 21st – 22nd, 2024.

Campaign Digitalization Meeting Agenda February 21-22, 2024 – ENG | FR

Participants List – ENG

Video – shared screen & speaker view

Video – shared screen & speaker view

Keynote Address – ENG
J. Austin

Geo-enabling microplanning and delivery of health campaigns and routine service deliveryENG
A. Winters (AKROS)

Demonstration Sessions – DHIS2 Campaign DemoENG
Sakibou ALASSANI, Systems development Lead (HISP West & Central Africa)

Product Solution Overview – ENG

AMP Meeting – Mass Net Campaign Digitilization – ENG
Kibor K. Keitany (NMCP Kenya)

Zambia 2023 ITN Mass Distribution Campaign Digitalization Experiences – ENG
Japhet Chiwaula (Zambia 2023 ITN Digitization Experiences)

Mozambique: Lessons learned from ITN campaign digitization (2022-2023), and vision for future integrated digitization – ENG
Mariana da Silva (Mozambique, NMCP)

Digitalisation de la campagne et utilisation des smartphones communautaires – ENG
Fazazi Bah Traore (PNLP Togo)

Integrated digital microplanning for immunization campaigns in UNICEF: current activities and opportunities – ENG
Cristina Lussiana & Nwabundo Dike (UNICEF)

ESPEN Collect – Advancing NTD Digitalization in Mapping, Impact, Surveillance and Coverage Surveys – ENG
Dyesse Yumba Nduba (WHO)

Product solutions demonstration (Red Rose) – ENG | FRE

Product solutions demonstration (eGov) – ENG 

Product solutions demonstration (DHIS2) – ENG

Product solutions demonstration (Dimagi – Commcare) – ENG

Product solutions demonstration (Akros – Reveal) – ENG

Geo-enabled Microplanning for Immunization in Bangladesh –Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Centre for Health Department of Data and Analytics, DDI – ENG
Samuel Omara (WHO, GIS Centre ffor Health)

TraceNet: Enabling Digitalization – ENG
Chirs Warren (PMI)

Digitalisation de la campagne de masse de distribution 2022 en republique du congo – Tracabilite des milda – FR
Joseph Bienfait Aniniyo (CDM CONGO, AMP Nairobi)

Product solutions demonstration (ODK) – ENG

Product solutions demonstration (Ona) – ENG

Product solutions demonstration (Novel-T) – ENG

Product solutions demonstration (Crosscut) – ENG

Product solutions demonstration (Bluesquare – lASO) – ENG

Digitalisation des campagnes de santé en RDC – Cas de la campagne contre la poliomyélite dans la province du Haut Lomami : Défis et Leçons – FR
Elvis Tshibasu Muanza (ICD DRC)

Integrating campaign platforms into the architecture of the national health information system – ENG
Sakibou Alassani (System Dev Lead, HWCA)

Improving ITN delivery visibility through use of digital tools in Zambia’s 2023 mass campaign – ENG
Segolène d’Herlincourt (PSM Zambia)

Maximizing Private Sector Impact: UNITEL’s Role in Digitizing PMI funded Mass Net Distribution in Angola – ENG
Suse Emiliano (PSI Angola)

BYOD for Digitalization of the ITNs UCC – ENG
Rukaari Medard (National ITNs Coordinator, Uganda)

Health campaign digitization Guidance: A toolkit for efficient end-to-end campaign management and delivery – ENG
Chipo Ngongoni (WHO)

The 2023 Campaign Digitalization Meeting of the Alliance for Malaria Prevention took place on May 10th – 11th, 2023.

Campaign Digitalization Meeting Agenda (May 10, 2023) – ENG | FR

Please find here the awards in English and French

Morning Session (Day 1)
Afternoon Session (Day 1)
Morning Session (Day 2)
Afternoon Session (Day 2)
Morning Session (Day 3)
Afternoon Breakout Session (Day 3)
Afternoon Plenary Session (Day 3)
Morning Session (Day 4)
Afternoon Session (Day 4)

Keynote address: Leveraging digital tools for improving health campaign efficiency and outcomes – ENG
Steve Kubenga Banza (WHO/AFRO)

Benin’s cross-programme work to digitize malaria and NTD campaigns: Recommendations for establishing a national georepository ENG
Dr. Rock Aikpon (PNLP) & Elijah Egwu (CRS)

Experiences and lessons from payments digitalization in polio campaignsENG
Idil Hussein Jama (WHO-AFRO)

Building, piloting, and deploying a national ITN campaign data management system in Tchad: Needs for future iterationsFR
Dr. Mahamat Saleh Issakha Diar (PNLP Tchad)

Geographic accessibility (travel time, nearest facility, etc.) for health campaign microplanningENG
Samuel Omara (WHO GIS Centre)

Nigeria – Use of GRID3 routine immunization maps for improving ITN campaign outcomes: Future perspectivesENG
Fatima Ali (NMEP) and Farouk Umar (GRID3)

Geo-enabling microplanning and delivery of health campaigns – multi country experienceENG
Anna Winters (Regional Director, Akros)

Malawi – Adapting Rapid-SMS for multiple vaccination campaigns: Looking to the futureENG
Dr. Alinafe Mbewe (MOH)

Introduction to session – Why do integrated campaign digitalization?ENG
Lakshmi Balachandran (CHAI)

Mozambique: Vision for integrated campaign digitalizationENG
Dr. Baltazar Candrinho (NMCP)

DRC: Establishment of ministry-wide governance for campaign digitizationFR
Dr. Charlène Kabongo and Eguard N. Mbungu (PNLP)

Kenya: Establishing Ministry-wide governance and capacity for integrated campaign digitizationENG
Eric Maira (WHO)

Round robin tool demonstrations eGov ENG

Round robin tool demonstrations Red Rose ENG | FR

Round robin tool demonstrations CommcareENG

Round robin tool demonstrations Reveal ENG

India – Success and challenges in state and ecosystem capacity buildingENG
Pradipta Kundu (eGov)

Building capacity for effective health campaign digitalization: lessons and best practicesENG
Andrew Shisia (HISP Kenya)

Presentation and discussion: Outcomes from group work on functionality wish list and needs for capacity buildingENG
Robert Opoku (IFRC/AMP)

Closing speakerENG
Himanshu Nagpal (BMGF)