Emerging Issues

Working Group Chair


As part of the structure of the AMP partnership, the Emerging Issues Working Group (EIWG) provides support to AMP by identifying and developing strategies to highlight emergent issues related to the operational aspects of ITN ownership and use before, during, and after continuous or routine distribution.

Terms of Reference

The EIWG will focus on:

  1. Identifying critical ITN issues to monitor, address and provide supporting implementation guidance for the AMP partnership;
  2. Serving as a catalyst on critical issues by raising them to the attention of the AMP general body as well as other relevant bodies, such as the RBM, GMP, NMCPs, etc.;
  3. Work with and find synergies between this working group (EIWG) and the LLIN Priorities workstream (RBM/VCWG), and;
  4. Disseminating resources on identified emerging issues to the AMP partnership as they become available.

The EIWG expects to generate a number of products for the AMP partnership, including:

  1. Draft implementation guidance for AMP consideration and adoption. Work within the AMP and with other stakeholders to advance key issues for decisions, recommendations or policy adoption through appropriate channels (VCTEG, VCAG, MPAC, etc.).
  2. Referral of issues to appropriate AMP working groups for operational consideration.
  3. Active participation and flow of operational emerging issues to be discussed within the RBM/LLIN Priorities workstream for technical guidance and other related RBM working groups as needed.
  4. Review and update AMP guidance products as appropriate.

The working group invites all interested participants to join the discussion by contacting the chair, listed below. Meetings will be scheduled by the chair or the relevant topic leads as decided during the annual work planning. Work plans and the leads of relevant emerging issues will be reviewed annually. The EIWG TOR, workplans, meeting notes, and recommendations/tools developed will be posted to the AMP website.

Working Group Update

The working group is aiming to convene an expert group, including manufacturers, to identify the data and methods required for assessing the effect of high heat and high moisture on ITN quality in field conditions. The working group is establishing an eHealth Technologies document to help countries more easily chose technologies that can help their campaigns. This work will focus on current digital tools used in campaigns and current electronic payment systems used. AMP will provide the operational support to the new UNIATID Callini Project and the current objectives under the project, using TA to support pilot countries.


AMP EIWG Lunch_5.Feb.2018_JPL

Consensus Statement – Repurposing of ITNs 2018-11-28