Working group chairs

  • Ketty Ndhlovu Sichalwe, Principal ITN Officer, NMEC Zambia (
  • Prince Owusu, PMI Evolve Regional ITN TA (

The AMP Continuous Distribution Working Group focuses on operational issues arising during planning and implementation of ITN continuous distribution and reflects on strategies for operationalizing key learning from continuous distribution pilots and programmes to date to strengthen country implementation. Thus, close collaboration between the AMP CD Working Group, national malaria programmes, the RBM Vector Control Working Group (VCWG) ITN Priorities and Continuous Distribution workstreams will be critical components for planning, coordinating, and disseminating key outputs to ensure complementarity and effectiveness.

What do we do?

The CDWG has identified a number of priorities including:

  • Identify critical issues affecting the quality of ITN CD implementation and scale-up strategies and provide a platform to monitor progress, address any issues arising, and provide supporting operational guidance.
  • Serve as a catalyst on critical issues related to ITN CD implementation and scale-up by raising them to the attention of relevant partners such as the RBM Partnership to End Malaria, the WHO Global Malaria Programme, national malaria programmes, etc. and by defining and prioritizing the potential operational research needed to address those issues.
  • Identify key steps and prerequisites in moving to ITN CD at scale in different operational contexts.
  • Organize participation of national malaria programmes and implementation partners on the weekly AMP call to highlight and showcase the work being done for ITN CD, successes achieved and lessons learned for other countries to note.
  • Compile, share, and synthesize operational lessons learned, tools and guidelines from recent and new ITN continuous distribution activities.

Regular updates from the ITN Continuous Distribution Working Group are provided on the weekly AMP conference call and noted in the minutes of the call. Following technical assistance missions to countries for ITN CD, the national malaria programme, implementing partners or TA providers will share a summary of ITN CD activities and outcomes.

Documents and Resources

Global guidance, tools, and resources for ITN Continuous Distribution are available via The CD toolkit is also housed on this website.