Net Mapping Project

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The Net Mapping Project has two parts:

  1. ITN global deliveries – quantifies the number of ITNs delivered to each country every quarter
  2. Net mapping – graphically shows through a series of maps and charts the number of nets delivered to each country by year and the number of nets distributed to the various provinces by country by year

Terms of Reference

The project surveys every ITN manufacturer each quarter and quantifies the number of nets that have been delivered to each country on a worldwide basis. The project maintains a database of net deliveries by country from 2004 to the present and provides an accurate reference to the number of nets currently in each country and provides a solid reference point for further calculations on progress toward universal coverage, deterioration, and the need for new nets.

The mapping program accesses the survey data and displays in a series of maps (both global and individual countries) the number of nets delivered. The project further obtains information from local entities (where available) on the number of nets distributed by year to the various in-country provinces and displays this distribution on country level maps.

Working Group Update

The data for net deliveries is on-going and is updated every quarter. The data for in-country distribution is more problematic to obtain, especially for earlier years, so an upgrade to the mapping section is underway to focus in-country distribution on the current year. Further, there is wide interest to understand more about PBO and new active ingredient nets, so the upgrade will include the ability to obtain data by net type.