Working Group Chairs


AMP will be hosting two regional trainings (one in English, one in French) for selected countries that have mass campaigns planned for 2019 and 2020. Each of the regional trainings will be four days in length and will focus on macroplanning, microplanning, M&E, logistics, SBCC, leadership and management and continuous distribution. The trainings will highlight successful country experiences and package them for replication, to ensure the lessons are used for future campaigns.

Selected countries will be asked to prepare and present to the group, with the majority of the session time designated for interactive, hands-on ways of contextualizing these best practices for all countries.

We will use the revised AMP Toolkit and the Continuous Distribution Toolkit as guides to the content in the technical sessions. Using the toolkits as a road map for the trainings will not only provide structure to the technical sessions but also help orient the NMCP and implementing partners on the content and resources available in both of these toolkits as the material in the toolkits provide guidance to NMCPs without the need for outside technical assistance.

An overarching focus of these trainings will be operational effectiveness and ways to better coordinate and lead effective malaria control interventions through improved leadership and management skills. The long-term goal of the training is to build strong networks across countries that will nurture an ongoing exchange that does not rely on outside technical assistance.

Workshop goals are as follows:

  • To foster exchanges of country experiences in mass and continuous distribution
  • To create a network of malaria prevention implementers
  • To strengthen NMCPs capacity to better coordinate and manage distributions and donors
  • To address country-specific ITN issues (e.g., quantification, use, monitoring, reporting)
  • To explore management and leadership techniques to support NMCPs and implementing partners

Both regional trainings will take place in Nairobi, Kenya. The English training will be from November 5-8, 2018 and the French training will take place from November 12-15, 2018.

Working Group Update

The training planning and preparation is ongoing. There are weekly calls with the working group to coordinate on the logistics and the planning for the trainings. To date, there is a nearly finalized working agenda with associated topic leads. The working group is currently finalizing the invitations and engaging in with the Global Fund and UNOPs to leverage their participation. The PMI supported countries and the training venue have been identified.